As our regular clients know well, we spend as much time as is necessary with our animal patients, both in assessment and treatment (especially with horses). We firmly believe that an animal that is given time to settle, before the commencement of their assessment, is more likely to relax into treatment and have a positive experience. It also allows them to feel safe and more confident about their practitioner.

First consultations can last up to 90 minutes (especially with horses). This is because, Eleanor likes to see the animal moving, interacting and (in the case of horses), ridden by the owner (if appropriate). She also likes to talk in depth to the owner about the animal, its personality, medical history and issues to consider when exercising. This all takes time…

Once the animal has been fully assessed and is comfortable, we work through the entire body, looking for imbalance, tension, strain patterns and injury; until an osteopathic evaluation can be made.

Treatment then follows, with the intention of realigning any reducing discrepancies found in the assessment phase. This allows function to be restored, so the animal can move to the best of its ability. Supporting rehab exercises or activities are then recommended to enhance recovery as appropriate.

Occasionally, we will have to refer your animal back to the vet for further investigations before commencing with treatment, but this is not a common occurrence and is only done with your animal’s safety in mind. Most often, the severity of an injury has been assessed over the phone or seen by a vet before the visit, which generally negates the need for us to do this.

Please note: That in order to comply with UK law, we have to contact your vet BEFORE a visit, to request a veterinary referral. Whilst some owners are frustrated by this process, please understand that it is there for the safety of your pet and enables us to talk to your vet about the case in advance of our visit. This often provides us with invaluable information.

Treatment prices (horses and dogs): 

Where essential, flexible payment options available (0%) For more information, please enquire at

New patient assessment and treatment (or an animal not seen for over 12 months) £90.00 plus travel fees (see below). Cost includes travel time, time with the animal and if requested by your vet, a short written report. The average session is up to 75 minutes. Patients over 5 miles away will be charged travel as quoted below.

Follow up assessment and treatment £72.00 plus travel fees (see below).– usually up to 60 minutes in duration. The variation in price depends on the amount of treatment required in the follow up visit and the time taken. Sessions taking over 60 minutes will cost £90.00.

Treatment for cats and small/domestic animals:

Priced as appropriate, New patient and follow up sessions will be charged at £54. Cost includes travel time, time with the animal and if requested by your vet a short written report. Patients over 5 miles away will be charged travel as quoted below . This price is based on the premise that cats and small domestic animals usually have less complicated histories and also prefer shorter treatments. Sessions are usually up to 45 minutes.

Other animals (such as exotics and farm animals) will be priced based on size, complexity and time required to assess and treat.

Additional travel expenses: 

Journeys to equine yards, farms or home visits for small animals outside our normal catchment area (of five miles) will be charged at 55p per mile on the complete round trip. This is to accommodate not only for travel expenses but also for time taken. Google Maps is used as the platform to ascertain distances and based on the easiest route available. Journeys may be shared between clients/owners if more than one animal is seen at any single given location.

Exceptions for clients living more than 15 miles from Highcliffe. 

Clients wishing to have their animal treated, but who live further than 15 miles away from Christchurch, will be asked to pay an additional “per hour” surcharge to cover the actual time taken to undertake the return journey. This will be charged at our standard consulting rate of £72.00.

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