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ANIMAL OSTEOPATHY UK is the clinical branch of Animal Osteopathy International and the official site for Eleanor Andrews, animal osteopath.


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Eleanor Andrews (M.OST, D.O. ANIMAL OST, PGCHE, SPOP) is GOsC, AAO and RAMP registered. She graduated over 7 years ago from the European School of Osteopathy and studied Animal Osteopathy under Stuart McGregor. Since then Eleanor has continued her training in both animal and human osteopathy, undertaking further personal study, postgraduate courses and CPD events and has now trained hundreds of students herself. During this time, Eleanor worked on both humans and animals in clinics in Hampshire, Bucks and Kent before moving to Dorset where she currently resides.

Eleanor has been at the forefront of animal osteopathy both professionally and politically for a number of years, endeavouring to strengthen and support the profession whilst raising standards of practise and education. Her learning, teaching, treating and consultancy experiences have taken her across the country and internationally. She is a senior lecturer of Animal Osteopathy having taught on Masters programmes, lectures internationally and examines international students for The ESO, she has also presented and run workshops at international seminars.

Eleanor Andrews with Jess

Eleanor is the Leader of the Association of Animal Osteopaths (AAO) & a Council Member for the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP).

She uses a variety of treatment techniques to help improve the freedom of movement and general well being in animals (which includes but is not limited to horses, dogs, cats, exotics and wildlife).

When working with horses, Eleanor uses her considerable equestrian biomechanical, equitation and training knowledge in order to optimise treatment and management for each individual patient. Offering personalised rehabilitation and exercise programmes for horses, Eleanor will take in to consideration your personal time and environmental factors to deliver achievable outcomes.

Eleanor has extensive equine experience working with Western and English fraternities from grass roots to high competition level (national and international circuits) and is used to working with horses trained using both BHS and Natural horsemanship approaches.

Eleanor’s love of horses began at birth, she started to ride at the age of 4 and progressed to being a horse owner and trainer during her teenager years whilst also attaining BHS qualifications.  As a keen member of Pony Club she undertook her exams and competed for her area. Whilst working at a BHS yard, Eleanor developed training programmes and instructed all ages and disciplines (both practical and theory), this also included becoming a registered RDA instructor.  Whilst Dressage is her first love she has participated in many disciplines including XC, SJ, and Polo.

Eleanor’s love of dogs has been life-long, from a young age pet sitting and dog walking for friends and family and more recently having rescue dogs Benji and Ted.

She has worked alongside vets, animal trainers, behaviourists and hydrotherapists for a number of years and worked with a range of breeds and types including international circuit agility dogs, rescue dogs, puppies and OAPs, including neurological and orthopaedic cases, pre and post surgery, preventative and quality of life care. Developing rehabilitation programmes to support and optimise treatment/recovery.

As a director of Animal Osteopathy International, Eleanor organises training for both professionals and owners. Eleanor is happy to share her wealth of knowledge and loves to improve owner’s understanding of their animals and is happy to carry out talks on your yard or at your training group.

If you would like your animal treated by Eleanor, or for her to carry out a talk for a group of people or society, please email animalosteopathyinternational@gmail.com with your contact details. 

Testimonials from happy owners: 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Eleanor Andrews since 2013. She is the incredible Animal Osteopath, treating our rescue cat who had suffered terrible abuse previously. This abuse had resulted in a suspected pelvic fracture and hip impact. He was referred via Richard Allport (who specialises in natural therapies for pets) to Eleanor with a misaligned pelvis leading to difficulty jumping and pain on touch.  Eleanor has provided Osteopathic treatment on a maintenance basis usually between 6 and 10 weeks using a mix of articulation, mobilisation and involuntary mechanism treatment as appropriate throughout his musculoskeletal system.This, without a shadow of a doubt, has substantially alleviated his pain and improved his mobility and general wellbeing. Eleanor is an expert in her field. She clearly cares about her patients, she listens and is extremely personable communicating across all steps of the treatment process

If you are looking for one of the best Animal Osteopaths who is an absolute expert in their field of work I would have no hesitation in recommending Eleanor Andrews and the quality of treatment and service she provides. On a personal note Elea, we have been lucky to find you. Thank you for your love, care and compassion. You are an absolute professional and expert in your field and we can probably never thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for our precious boy.” D. Thrift. 

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